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Happy Family
Three generations of women


These days there is so much pressure on young adults to succeed in every aspect of their lives; from academics to athletics to social status, where getting the most "likes" can be the measure of one's worth.  Parents, as loving as they can be, can be sources of pressure anxiety; to do the next "right" thing, whether that is the right college, the right major, the right job after college or the right partner.  Does everyone expect too much of you, even yourself?  It's no wonder you are feeling anxious.  It's no wonder you worry all of the time. You know you need to change something or everything but you just aren't sure how.  You are in the "right" place.  I can help you with your worries.  I can help you be more assertive with your friends and family.  I can teach you how to take care of yourself.


It can sometimes feel like there is never enough time to "get it all done," can't it?  And with every item crossed off the to-do list, two more seem to appear.  The carpools, the commitments and managing the family calendar can be a grind.  Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and upset and angry over the smallest things?  Do you worry about your children in today's world, with all technology they have access to, that you hardly understand yourself?  Do you feel like you have a constant knot in your stomach from anxiety and stress?  I can help. I can help you learn how to set boundaries with your children, friends, spouse and mostly, yourself.  I can help you learn to deal with your anxiety, your troubling thoughts, your deep worries.  I can help you navigate the world of teen strife and troubles.  I can help you learn to connect with your child, teen or young adult again.  But, mostly, I can help you reconnect with yourself.

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